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Monika Hellstern

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in spring of 2022. She studies International Relations and works as a freelance writer.

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Managing African migration

When cooperating with authoritarian regimes on migration, EU needs red lines in regard to human rights plus clear rules on funding


Poor conceptions

There is a mismatch between poor people’s perception of poverty and academic concepts

MENA region

Incoherent German approach

A new study by the German Development Institute argues that Germany’s aid to the MENA region lacks strategy and coherence


People dying of hunger are “being murdered”

Jean Ziegler, member of the Human Rights Council Advisory Committee, urges the international community to end world hunger

Global governance

Taxes serve SDG achievement

To achieve the SDGs, tax policies must be drafted prudently – and global coordination would make sense

Foreign policy

Paradigm shift in the EU

Instead of stabilising and transforming neighbouring countries, the EU’s foreign policy is now focusing on building resilience at home


Comprehensive approach

Germany’s Federal Government has adopted new guidelines on preventing crises, managing conflicts and building peace


WTO failure

Politicians need to see global trade, migration and climate change in context because of interdependencies

Communication technology

Job-hunting and prenatal classes in Ghana

Digital services are improving poor people’s standard of life in Ghana

Budget support

Tax-induced independence

Richard Gerster: Fiscal reforms reduce Mozambique’s dependency on donor’s budget support

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