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Monika Hellstern

studies International Relations and works as a freelance writer.

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World Risk Index 2021

Small island states and Africa are particularly vulnerable

African societies are the most vulnerable when disasters strike

World Risk Report 2021

Social protection for disaster preparedness

Aid organisations call for high-income countries to support developing countries in social protection


Gender implications of Covid-19

Covid-19 hits women harder, warns OECD

Republica 2019

Technology is no panacea

Muted techno-optimism at this year’s digital conference Republica in Berlin


EU-Africa relations

Substantial improvements of the EPAs with African countries are necessary, according to German trade expert

Public finance

African countries at risk

Both borrowers and lenders must contribute to preventing debt crises in sub-Saharan Africa

Urban Development

Inclusive cities

The state needs to support active citizens to make South African cities more inclusive

Neglected tropical diseases

Forgotten patients

Neglected patients need better healthcare systems

Financial cooperation

More money for development

In 2017, KfW committed € 9.7 billion to new development projects worldwide

Digital technologies

Endangered employment

The digital revolution needs to be harnessed towards the public good, a study by the German Development Institute argues

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