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Patricia Galicia

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in winter 2015/2016 as radio journalist based in Guatemala City.

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Guatemala’s social problems

Poverty, corruption and racism: Guatemala’s primary schools reflect the country’s social problems


"Poverty exacerbates exclusion in education"

Guatemala: Why the expansion of private primary schools is harming society


Guatemalan government is teetering

Corruption scandal imperils Guatemalan government


Breaking the silence

How raped women in Guatemala found the courage to talk about their fate


The right to one’s body

Guatemalan girls and boys deserve better sexual education


Eco-tourism helps community

A village in Guatemala invites eco-tourists to its river in order to boost its municipal budget


Nowadays: A midwife becomes politician

Patricia Galicia: A Guatemalan midwife becomes a political leader


Spreading hope

Guatemalan radio station encourages women to become involved in public affairs

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