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Sundus Saleemi

Sundus Saleemi

is senior researcher at the Center for Development Research (ZEF) of Bonn University.  

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Post-colonial misery

Whose development?

In the eighth decade of international aid efforts, former colonial powers are still privileged

Women’s migration

Better jobs for migrant women

Migrating can be an empowering experience for women but also involves considerable hardship. Policy action is needed to improve their opportunities

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Sovereign debt

Why Pakistan’s economy is in deep crisis

Climate change and other global developments are severely exacerbating Pakistan’s home-made problems

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Gender disparities

South Asian gender disparities get worse in economic crises

Economic downturns hit women and girls harder – for example in Pakistan

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Gender relations

Domestic helpers are informally employed in many countries

Why men are closer to achieving a good work-life balance than women

Gender justice

How education and employment improve gender equality

Gender justice depends on women’s self-confidence, and public policy can make a difference

Global environment

Environmental UN conventions are mutually reinforcing

Ecosystem services are vital for mitigating climate crisis

Global environment

Fundamental questions of survival

Humanity’s food security depends on biodiversity and ecosystem services


Digital literacy would help Pakistan’s female population

Why most Pakistani women are denied digital opportunities

Women’s rights

How illiteracy perpetuates oppression of Pakistani women

Half of Pakistan’s women cannot read or write in any language

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