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Thuany Rodrigues

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in spring of of 2022 as a journalist in Brazil.

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Facing a global challenge

Healthier diets would help to control Brazil’s obesity epidemic


Confronting the disease

Depression afflicts 12 million Brazilians, proportionately more than anywhere else in Latin America


Failing grades

Education in Brazil suffers from low funding and insufficient appreciation for teachers

Marginalised communities

Spreading dangerously

Covid-19 strikes hard in Rio de Janeiro's many informal settlements

Rail travel

Hot time in the city

Rio de Janeiro’s urban train operator promises better conditions – and not a moment too soon

History preservation

Reclaiming a legacy

Brazil aims to preserve the historical legacy of Quilombos, communities of escaped slaves

Women’s safety

Fighting for justice

Domestic violence is widespread in Brazil and has deep cultural roots

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