Demographic dividend

Benefiting from falling numbers of children

Under certain conditions, falling birth rates can produce a “demographic dividend”, for example in sub-Saharan Africa

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Labour market

Brain drain in Ghana's tech industry

Ghana's IT companies are competing for the best minds both on the local and on the global labour market

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Empowerment of female smallholders

An agroecological community project in Mexico has empowered women and achieved a major mindset change of the residents towards them


New strategies for female entrepreneurs

In Mexico, online business trainings help female entrepreneurs to expand their businesses

IT industry

Fighting Coronavirus with a computer game

Ghanaian computer game developer Eyram Tawia on Covid-19 impacts on his business

Knowledge building

Training local artisans to produce school furniture

Hoping to improve school conditions in Zambia by producing locally made desks for students

Development policy

Experts want true cooperation instead of paternalism

On its sixtieth anniversary, the SLE considers the future of its education in its post-graduate study programme


Development cooperation must become more inclusive

Policy makers and civil society must recognise inclusion as a cross-cutting task – and so must international development and humanitarian relief

Fight for survival

Underage “okada” riders in Ghana

The involvement of underage children in the commercial motorcycle taxi business is raising concern

Gender equality

Women are particularly disadvantaged in the informal sector

Gender equality matters in both the formal and the informal economy, for example when it comes to finance

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