Demographic dividend

Benefiting from falling numbers of children

Under certain conditions, falling birth rates can produce a “demographic dividend”, for example in sub-Saharan Africa

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Reproductive health

Involving men to change gender stereotypes

In many African countries males are often unwilling to get involved in reproductive health issues of their partners

Gender equality

Successes and setbacks in women's equality

Despite the pandemic, UNICEF never lost sight of its commitment to gender equality


Women are slowly asserting themselves in MENA region

In Arab countries, examples prove that patriarchal family traditions can indeed be changed

Our view

The common good depends on women’s empowerment

Gender justice concerns not only women, but society in general

Female genital mutilation

“Violence is related to a variety of social conditions”

The organisation Forward for Women assists women in Germany and Senegal who have been affected by female genital mutilation


A question of life and death

Zimbabwe’s high rate of stillbirth is a symptom of a broken medical system

Child brides

An early end to childhood

Despite a law banning marriage under age 18, Malawi is seeing an increase


Changing stereotypes

In spite of various global assessments, many Pakistani women do not think anything is wrong with gender relations in their countries

Wind and solar

The right approach to catching up

Africa is exposed to serious climate risks, but the continent contributes very little to global carbon emissions

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