Disabled people allowed to drive in Ghana

In Ghana, persons with disability such as the deaf will be issued with a driver’s licence upon passing training and testing prescribed by the authorities

Music festival

Ugandan government prefers money over morality

Although many consider the Nyege Nyege festival in Uganda immoral, the government supports the profitable event


Promoting regional trade in Africa

COMESA, a regional economic community with 21 member states, is promoting intra-regional trade in Africa and helping at a time when the world faces immense disruptions


A mobile app extends much-needed credit to smallholders

In Malawi, a new app helps farmers to organise their finances and ensures that they have funds available when they are most needed – during planting season

Law enforcement

Police tactics put journalists’ lives in danger

In Kenya, police officers have adopted a tactic of masquerading as journalists to blend into crowds of anti-government protesters


Geldsegen für sambische Rentenbezieher

In Sambia können Arbeitnehmer neuerdings bis zu 20 Prozent ihrer staatlichen Rente vorab abheben und das Geld investieren

Food security

Female farmers need more support in Ghana

In Ghana, female farmers are essential for ensuring food security and nutrition, but they often face systemic challenges


Neues Zuhause für geschundene Wildtiere in Bolivien

Die Wildtierauffangstation Afasi in Bolivien kann nur durch Spenden und den Einsatz Freiwilliger bestehen

Business support

In Malawi, an NGO is helping victims of gender-based violence

Purple Innovation supports women having faced domestic violence to launch businesses and become financially independent


Zambia’s farmers learn about new technologies in agriculture

The Zambia National Farmers Union encourages farmers to use new tools and technologies to improve their yields

Heutzutage abonnieren


Um die UN-Ziele für nachhaltige Entwicklung zu erreichen, ist gute Regierungsführung nötig – von der lokalen bis zur globalen Ebene.