Being Black in Bochum

Anxiety about anti-black, racist experiences is still existing. Experiences of a Ghanaian student in Germany


Immigrants living with forged identity documents in South Africa

In South Africa, the use of fake identity documents has created a dilemma for many immigrants when using social media


Beeinflussung von Lehrkräften in Simbabwe

In Simbabwe steht die Regierungspartei unter Verdacht, Lehrerinnen und Lehrer für ihre Zwecke zu indoktrinieren


Medikamentenmangel in öffentlichen Krankenhäusern in Sambia

Kritiker machen Korruption und Veruntreuung für den derzeitigen Arzneimittelmangel in Sambia verantwortlich


Ruins after cyclone Freddy

After the devastating cyclone Freddy hit Malawi, the country’s administration promises to implement strong measures to build climate resilience


Abandoned towns, abandoned people

In the north of Zimbabwe, former miner and their families stay in abandoned towns living in poverty and hoping that mining will resume some day

Cultural norms

Digitalising bride price payments

An entrepreneur developed an app to standardise brides prices in South Africa, that encounters much criticism


Telemedicine centres bring health care closer to excluded communities

Thanks to telemedicine, remote communities in the Amazon get medical advice in their region


No more work for informal garbage collectors

In Harare, a foreign company got a deal for exclusive rights for garbage collection, what infuriated informal worker


Overwhelming health challenges

In Malawi, hospitals and health facilities are overburdened and on the verge of collapse, the government is powerless due to financial restraints

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