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last contributed to D+C/E+Z in the winter of 2020/2021 as professor of social anthropology at Hamburg University and independent consultant specialising in international development.

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Pathways out of extreme poverty and hunger

Social protection, land ownership and promotion in the agricultural sector can alleviate ultra-poverty


Valuable resource

New book about participatory methods in development projects has the makings of a standard

Health care

Free access for the extremely poor

The Health Equity Fund is improving access to health care for the poorest people in Cambodia

Letter to the editor

The quirks of misguided decentralisation in Benin

Reader continues discussions of our focus section “Tax disputes”

School feeding

Contribution to nutrition security

Schools are serving healthy food from local suppliers

School feeding

A shared morning meal

School feeding helps pupils focus on their lessons in Cambodia


Indispensable legal certainty

Legal certainty in land-ownership questions is decisive for the battle against poverty


Cash transfers help the extreme poor

The idea of social protection is gaining momentum in development aid

Development cooperation

Ethical conduct

Ethical guidelines for situation in which the self-interest and the social responsibilities of development agencies collide

Safe drinking water

400 wells for 20 ethnic groups

Digging wells is quite demanding in a setting of great ethnic diversity

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