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last contributed to D+C/E+Z in autumn 2016 as a free-lance journalist and development consultant.

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Arranged marriage, forced marriage

What is an arranged or forced marriage?

Marital tradition

Marriage first, love later?

Fewer arranged marriages in Arab countries


More than food and shelter

Art project with and about refugees from Syria and Palestine

Women in Islam

Changing gender roles

Relevant reading on Islam, gender and politics

Islamic welfare

Overcoming ­reservations

International NGOs should cooperate more with Islamic aid organisations

Rule of law

Legal challenges

Promising, but incomplete: Tunisia’s legal provisions for achieving democracy and reconciliation

Civil war

Invisible victims

Exiled Syrians help fellow citizens in Jordan in private rehabilitation centres

Globalisation sceptics

Many open questions

World Social Forum in Tunis boosts leftist, secular and feminist forces in the Arab world

Protests in the Arab World

Holiday paradise and police state

Why Ben Ali fell and the West is not in favour in Tunisia

Relevant reading

Lots of room for interpretation

Experts discuss women's right in Muslim law

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