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Diverse society

White South Africans generally accept majority rule today

South Africa’s white minority has lost its political dominance, but is still privileged in terms of wealth and opportunity


Homosexuality is not a disease

The World Health Organization considers homosexuality as normal behaviour


No trust in institutions

The anti-democratic legacy of Spanish and US colonialism in the Philippines

Summer Special

A shy girl becomes the face of anti-racist protests

The movie “The Hate U Give” addresses racism in today’s society in an entertaining way


Mexico’s racial divide

Mexico’s ideology of mestizaje, or racial mixing, obscures ingrained racism

Demographic change

Slow decline of African birth rates

High fertility correlates with poverty – and compounds it


What sex education is really about

Pakistan shows why comprehensive sex education would improve young people’s lives

Sovereign debt

Why Pakistan’s economy is in deep crisis

Climate change and other global developments are severely exacerbating Pakistan’s home-made problems

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Global governance

Working together for the human right to water

More cooperation is needed – from the local to the international level – to ensure that the UN targets for water are not missed

Psychiatric problems

Metaphysical explanations

In West Africa, traditional or religious practices are often the preferred method of treating mental disorders

Girl's education

Nepalese girls still don’t have equal educational opportunities

The lives of young women in Nepal are determined by traditions and taboos, even though the constitution guarantees them equal rights

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Global governance

How to improve the G20 Common Framework for Debt Treatment

For all countries to become able to rise to the challenges of the current polycrisis, debt-restructuring is needed

Popular music

Jamaica’s nation language

How Jamaican Creole became the main language for artistic expression


Bishops versus majority

Catholic church opposes reproductive health bill in the Philippines


Freshwater from the desert

Libya has the world’s largest irrigation project

Arab region

Black people are discriminated against in the MENA region

People with dark skin are discriminated against in Arab countries

Social mobility

How to spot members of Nepal’s middle class

Nepal’s middle class is growing, but slower GDP growth threatens its progress

Waste exports

The rich countries practice waste colonialism

Industrialised countries are disposing of large volumes of their waste in poorer countries. The consequences are disastrous


Why Hamas is not a liberation movement

The Islamist militia is authoritarian and feared by many Palestinians

Women’s rights

How illiteracy perpetuates oppression of Pakistani women

Half of Pakistan’s women cannot read or write in any language


Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals will require good governance – from the local to the global level.


The UN Sustainable Development Goals aim to transform economies in an environmentally sound manner, leaving no one behind.