South Africa

Foreign workers built prosperity

How the needs of the labour market promoted migration to South Africa

Urban Development

Inclusive cities

The state needs to support active citizens to make South African cities more inclusive


A controversial issue

South African views on male circumcision diverge - tradition and health matter

Outdated stereotypes

Engaging men

Why men's attitudes must change for women's lot to improve in South Africa


South Africa 2010 – Germany 2006

For FIFA World Cup in 2010, German experience proved useful to South African cities

Men as agents of change

Role model

Outdated male stereotypes are hampering gender equality in South Africa

Global warming

Agriculture at risk

Global warming is making agriculture more difficult in Zimbabwe

Good Governance

Evidence-based decisions

Malawis record of poverty and social impact assessments

Cross-border cooperation

Deep integration

Even though deep integration could serve developing countries, the strategy is politically controversial

Women’s rights

Overburdened judiciary staff

South Africa struggles to enforce modern family legislation

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