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Ellen Thalman

Ellen Thalman is a freelance reporter for D+C/E+Z.

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Rural development

Tangible goals

Berlin Charter provides G20 with advice concerning rural development


Shaking up the rural world

Improving infrastructure and opportunities in rural areas is key to eradicating hunger and poverty

Authoritarian rule

Stick to principles

For human-rights defenders in Iran, the situation has deteriorated since the 2015 “nuclear deal”


“Can a city be sustainable?”

The “New Urban Agenda” will set a global urbanisation strategy for the next two decades

Violent conflict

Ethnic divisions not the problem

A “deceptive quiet” has taken over in Burundi

Climate change

Loss and damage gets a boost

Experts call for a global market price for carbon emissions


“Suu Kyi must extend power”

Expectations run high as Myanmar’s first freely elected parliament convenes


A long way to go

Experts call for more western support for the democratic movement in Tunis


Better than camps

Why including refugees in main-stream society is so important

Visual arts

Lives drifting on the water

Vietnamese artist Mai Nguyen Thi Thanh tackles social issues

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